Dental Sealants in Kennewick

Ensuring Healthy Teeth & Gums

One of the most effective ways to prevent the growth of decay and cavities on a person’s back teeth is through the application of dental sealants. Dental sealants are a thinly coated acrylic layer that is painted directly on a tooth’s surface. This layer of acrylic functions as a barrier to prevent bacteria, acids, and organic material from getting stuck in the back teeth’s fissures. It also protects the affected teeth’s enamel from external damage.

Approximately 75% of all tooth decay and cavities occur in the deep pits and fissures of a person’s back teeth. Even for people who floss, brush, and gargle regularly, these areas are hard to access and clean. When dental sealants are applied to teeth, they smooth out the rougher surfaces and thereby make them much easier to maintain and clean. After application, sealants should be checked every dental checkup for signs of wear and tear. If properly maintained, dental sealants can effectively prevent cavities and decay for many years.

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The Application Process

The process for applying dental sealants in Kennewick is quick, easy, and only requires one office visit. The first step of the process is to clean the tooth that was chosen for sealing and then dry it. Using a cotton swab, our dental team keeps the designated tooth dry throughout your procedure. Then, an etching solution is applied to the tooth’s surface in order to make it rougher. This rougher surface makes it easier for the tooth to bond with the acrylic coating. Afterward, the tooth is rinsed and dried a second time so that we can apply the sealant. Lastly, the coating is painted directly onto each designated tooth, requiring only a couple minutes per tooth. The process is finished once the designated teeth have been coated and their fissures and grooves have been completely sealed.

Several benefits of dental sealants include:

  • They prevent organic material, bacteria, and acids from getting stuck in your back teeth
  • They are an effective and affordable way to help ensure good oral health
  • They help keep your teeth from getting damaged and decaying
  • The application process involved is quick and painless

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