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Best Dentist I’ve ever been to. They give me a detailed review of anything they found, and review my gum conditioning score with me, which no other dentist has done for me. Staff is friendly, professional, and efficient.

– Mason Mendel

I’m a white knuckle patient. I rate dentists somewhere lower than whale doo-doo on my list of favorite things to see and be around. So, by the time I found a new dentist after moving here, I was physically ill when I walked in. I found the staff helpful, concerned, and willing to work with me. It was hard to give up my dentist in Seattle, but this clinic rates right up there with Dr. V’s. And, yes, this dentist and staff are rated considerably higher 😉

– Lenora Good

Love them!

– Emily Cooper

Wonderful doctor and staff. Have recommended Dr. Morgan countless times.

– Donald Heinkel

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