Prepare Yourself In Case Of A Broken Tooth

You’re at your daughter’s basketball game, cheering her on. Your son just asked for some money to get something to eat. You hand him a few bucks and ask him to bring you back a soft drink.

Your daughter is fighting hard for a rebound when your son comes back with his treats. As he gets close to your aisle, however, he trips and hits his mouth on the steps. You turn to see if he’s all right, and it’s pretty obvious that he isn’t.

He’s grabbing his mouth. When you get him to move his hands, you can see that he’s bleeding. That’s when someone taps you on the shoulder and asks, “Is that part of his tooth?” You look at where they are pointing, and sure enough, it looks like part of a tooth. Your son opens his mouth, and you can see that one of his teeth is broken.

What will you do? What should you do? Who should you call?

To answer that last question first, you should contact Grandridge Dental in Kennewick, WA as soon as possible. While we hope the above scenario never happens to you or anyone you love, we also hope you will save our phone number, 509-380-9046, just in case you need to deal with a dental emergency .

Stop The Pain, Fix The Problem

While it’s important to see a dentist as soon as you are able during a dental emergency, there are things you should do right away when someone breaks a tooth.

First, take precautions to protect yourself. That means wearing vinyl or latex gloves while helping someone. If someone is bleeding, you will want to help them rinse his or her mouth. After rinsing, clean the affected area with gauze. This may need to be repeated if the bleeding continues.

Once the bleeding has stopped, you will want to cover the broken tooth. These kinds of breaks can be sharp, creating a risk of injuring soft tissue in the mouth. Covering the tooth with gauze or dental wax can reduce that risk.

Since breaks often involve traumatic injuries, you may want to apply ice or a cold pack to reduce swelling. Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever can help as well.

And of course, try to see one of our dentists as soon as you can. We have ways of stopping the pain , so we can provide the appropriate treatment.

Get Help Quickly

We understand any dental emergency is challenging on a number of levels. It’s why we keep a few openings in our schedule on days we are open. We want to be able to provide same-day care whenever possible.

In the case of a broken tooth, a dental crown is often an excellent way to repair the tooth and restore its full function. In rare cases, a tooth extraction may be necessary if the damage is too great. In those situations, we can discuss tooth replacement options.

Don’t Wait To Deal With The Situation

In any dental emergency, whether it’s a broken tooth, a knocked-out tooth, a toothache, or something else, our team in Kennewick, WA wants to end your pain and get you back to feeling like yourself.

Calling us 509-380-9046 as soon as you are able helps us help you.

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