The Convenience of Same-Day Crowns

We only have one set of permanent teeth in our mouths. These teeth are meant to last forever. Of course, our teeth can have damage from trauma or decay. When that happens, you’ll need  a way to restore the teeth to keep them functional for years to come. Our Kennewick, WA dental practice wants to show patients and local residents the convenience of same-day crowns.

Grandridge Dental is one of few practices in the area that can restore teeth and place long-lasting dental crowns or dental bridges in a single day. Most dental offices need two or three visits for this procedure. If you need a great dentist or have restorative dentistry needs, give us a call today at 509-737-1800 to book a visit.

Our Crowns Strengthen Your Teeth

Dental crowns are needed if you have substantial tooth decay, dental chips or cracks, or even heavy stains. The crown is often called a “cap” because it is placed over the restored tooth. In order to place the crown, we’ll remove a portion of the tooth to prepare it for the restoration. We then take an impression of the prepared tooth and bite so we can fabricate the best possible crown.

Natural Power of Same-Day Crowns

A great crown will blend in with your natural smile and last of years. Our office is using digital imaging and a special in-office milling station to rebuild your smile in one day. We can deliver crowns, veneers, and even bridges in about 90 minutes. You might think that this is rare for most dental offices. It is. You need the right technology and training. Here are some of the advantages of our same-day crowns:

  • Save time — No patient wants to wait around for their restorative dental needs. We don’t want to be told we’ll need two or three visits for a single restoration. Shortening the treatment time saves you time and actually improves treatment acceptance.
  • No temporary crowns — One of the more frustrating parts of needing a dental restoration is wearing a temporary restoration. The temporary is necessary because the final restoration often needs to be created in an outside lab. Because we have an in-office milling station, we can fabricate the restoration during one visit. Simply, you’ll leave the office with the restoration that should last for years.
  • Digital imaging — The process of getting an impression usually involves goopy material. The dentist will put the material is the mouth with a mouthguard, and you’ll have to wait for the impression material to dry. Some patients have a hard time with the taste of the material, or it can actually trigger a gag reflex. We’re using the digital scan to get the perfect impression. A great impression helps us create a better restoration.
  • All-ceramic material — Rather than using metals for the base of our crowns, these same-day crowns are made from one chunk of ceramic material. You might have noticed that metal-based crowns leave a gray line near the gum line. Ceramic crowns will never do this. This crowns look exactly like your natural tooth.

You don’t have to wait around to get the smile you deserve. At Grandridge Dental, you can resolve your dental problems in a single visit. Give us a call today at 509-737-1800 to book your visit.

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