Why You’re Struggling With Sensitive Teeth

Dental pain can be an annoyance and grave concern for many people. Our five-star Tri-Cities dental office is using advanced and gentle procedures to give patients a healthier, more comfortable smile. When you visit our Kennewick WA dental office, we will quickly eliminate your dental fear and dental pain.

Every mouth is different, and we often have patients who are dealing with sensitive teeth. There are a number of ways sensitive teeth affect your smile, and there are many reasons why a patient might have sensitive teeth. Give us a call today at 509-737-1800 to schedule a visit. Today we want to list a few reasons you might have sensitive teeth.

Dental Pain Caused From Cavities

Nearly everyone will have tooth decay in their lives. It’s extremely common. Some patients are extremely sensitive to cavities, while others feel nothing. Your reaction to cavities depends on the physical structure of your teeth. The enamel, the outer layer of the tooth, is the hardest substance in the human body and it protects the nerves and inner layers of the tooth. Patients with think enamel are often more prone to having sensitive teeth, whether they have cavities are not.

Sore Gums and Cause Sore Teeth

Bleeding or swollen gums are painful and can cause sensitive or failing teeth. Problems with your gums are often the first sign of gum disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Gum disease also has been linked to problems like heart disease or even diabetes. Our office is using a comfortable procedures to eradicate infections in the gums. Instead of using scalpels and stitches to remove the infection, we’re using laser therapy to remove the infection.

Jaw Problems Can Put Stress on Teeth

There are millions of patients who grind or clench their teeth or have dysfunction in their jaw that causes sore teeth, gum recession, tenderness in the jaw, or even headaches. People who clench their teeth also increase the risk of fracturing teeth or even losing teeth. There are a few ways to treat this problem. Full orthodontics can improve the bite function, but not everyone wants to endure traditional orthodontics. So, if you have jaw issues caused from clenching or grinding, we can design a custom mouthguard. The mouthguard is worn at night, which is when people typically involuntarily clench or grind, and prevents the teeth from coming together while you sleep. After a few nights of wearing the device, patients see great results.

If you need to get out of dental pain or calm your nerves, our office can help. We provide advanced infection control, soothing amenities and even sedation dentistry options. We’re offering inhaled sedation or even oral conscious sedation. We use this sedation for nervous patients or those who have trouble sitting still in the dental chair.

Our goal is to help you overcome dental pain and to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Start that journey today by calling us at 509-737-1800 or using theonline form.

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