We'll Help You Relieve Your Dental Anxiety in Kennewick, WA

Even with our five-star dental care, we know some patients feel nervous about visiting the dentist. This feeling may be unpleasant enough on its own, with symptoms like sweating or a racing heart. Even worse, though, it may prevent you from getting the dental care you need. For help relieving dental anxiety and putting your dental fear behind you for good, visit our Kennewick, WA office.

We’ll soothe your nerves with:

  • Two kinds of safe dental sedation, one of which will be right for you
  • Patient-friendly technology to keep your care quick and comfortable
  • Amenities to relax you while you’re in our chair, including blankets, headphones, and TV
  • Two compassionate dentists with decades of experience in soothing nerves, so they know what works
  • A caring staff who makes your comfort a top priority

Call Grandridge Dental at 509-737-1800 for a stress-free appointment.

Technology Keeps Your Care Comfortable

We use some of the latest dental technology to keep your care as comfortable as possible. For example, our AMD laser quickly and painlessly removes diseased gum tissue. Unlike traditional gum disease treatment, no cutting or stitching is required.

Choose From Two Kinds of Dental Sedation

Because no two people experience dental anxiety in quite the same way, we offer two kinds of sedation. Each one offers a different level of relaxation, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs for a particular procedure. No matter which one you select, our staff will closely monitor you while you’re under our care.

Your sedation options are:

  • Inhaled sedation, or laughing gas, a method that is so safe even young children can receive it
  • Oral sedation, which will put you into a more deeply relaxed state during your procedure

If relieving dental anxiety is important to you, call 509-737-1800. It’s important to us! We’ll help you overcome your dental fears.

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