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Drs. Morgan and Peterson have preventive dental care solutions that are guaranteed to keep you smiling through every stage of life. Sure, these treatments are great for children but they are also a good idea for our adult patients too.

So, keep in mind that at your next appointment, we can easily set you up with a fluoride treatment, which fights cavities and makes your tooth enamel stronger. We also recommend trying dental sealants while you’re at it. This is a treatment whereby we apply thin layers of plastic to your teeth in an effort to prevent dangerous oral bacteria from getting into those tiny grooves where your toothbrush just can’t go.

Check out the video clip below to hear more about dental sealants as a preventive dental care solution. Then to schedule your next appointment at Grandridge Dental, simply call our Kennewick, WA office today at 509-380-9046 or fill out our convenient online form .


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